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    Peter Block, author of Flawless Consulting, describes three main roles that an effective consultant should play:

  • as "a pair of hands," a consultant can do tasks that a client organization knows how to do itself, but does not have the staff to accomplish;
  • In the "expert" role, a consultant provides knowledge or skills that the organization does not have in-house;
  • In the "collaborative" role, the consultant works as a partner with the organization, contributing process knowledge, but leaving the rest to the client, who has the task expertise and staff to accomplish tasks once the approach is determined.

Culturewise consultancy offers a combination of all three roles with the emphasis on the collaborative role. Consultant's assistance in designing and managing

  • Strategic Planning
  • Development of Policies & Procedures
  • Analysis & Evaluation of Programmes
  • Capacity Building within Organisation

will help focus energy where it is most needed and preclude wasting time reinventing the wheel.

Sometimes it takes an outsider to ask the hard or dumb questions, and a skilled facilitator will help surface disagreements about important issues, as well as manage potential conflicts in a constructive way.

Culturewise consultancy is cost effective and offers long term solutions through a proven process.

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Find Your Solution

CultureWise provides services that are unique because of our:

  • Customized approach
  • Proven process
  • Long-term solutions

Check any of the boxes below and we'll match your interests with our solutions/ programs.

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About your needs

  • We need to ensure compliance with current Equality legislation
  • We need to develop Equality and Diversity Policies and Procedures
  • We need to develop fair work practices within our organisation
  • We need to focus on developing our current workforce
  • We need to increase motivation and efficiency of our current employees
  • We need to focus on developing our international employees
  • We need to create a more positive and healthy work environment
  • We need to develop a client centred approach to our services
  • We need to learn about the diverse needs of our customers
  • We need to reach our fullest customer base
  • We need to provide programs and solutions for our executive team
  • We need to focus on coaching or mentoring
  • We need expertise and targeted solutions for all facets of our company/organization
  • We need to determine ways to enhance our current organizational climate and culture
  • We need to enhance our corporate reputation

Speakers for Events

CultureWise provides dynamic presentations for corporate meetings, networking events or conferences on a wide range of topics related to Culture, Diversity and Equality. We listen for underlying myths and help audiences feel at ease raising diffcult issues. Sometimes we will offer simple workshop exercises to increase understanding.

CultureWise's presentations are tailored to meet specific interests and needs of the client.

Interested? Please, contact us.

On Request Training Services

Culturewise also provide a comprehensive range of 'on-request' training services on Equality and Intercultural issues. On-request training sessions are delivered flexibly and are designed around the training needs of the participants and the requesting organisation.


Culturewise is registered with FETAC (Further Education and Training Awards Council) to offer programmes leading to FETAC awards in the National Framework of Qualifications and has agreed its quality assurance procedures with FETAC.


Culturewise Ireland approved Training Programmes and Trainers have been placed on the FAS/EI National Register of Trainers. The registration number of Culturewise Ireland Ltd is 903349 and the registration expiry date is 10/09/2011


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