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Equal-Check is a service for organisations of all sizes and all sectors who wish to improve business within today’s highly diverse and competitive business environment. Whether your organisation is currently employing international employees and/or providing services to a diverse customer base, there is always a benefit in monitoring and improving your company’s equality and diversity practices and policies in employment and customer service areas.

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Culturewise library & Bookstore is a free on-line resource for all interested in the area of Culture, Diversity & Equality. There is a great selection of books, reviews, articles & documents, video & audio materials as well as free downloads Free Membership

Multicultural Health

An Assessment of Health and Personal Social Service Needs relating to Ethnic Minority Groups within the HSE Mid West Region (Limerick, Clare, North Tipperary)


In response to changing population dynamics based on immigration and the impact that this change will have on the demands and the needs of the health service, its providers and its users, the HSE Mid-West has commissioned this research.


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