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Training Programmes

Culturewise programmes are designed for professionals who want to enrich the cultural capital of their organisations in today’s multicultural domestic and global business environment and all of its programmes are tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.

Culturewise experiential and highly interactive training programmes are focused on:

Our approach to training delivery is based on knowledge and understanding of adult learning principles and a wide range of training methodology, techniques and formats as well as technology-based delivery systems and tools.

Our trainers have in-depth experience of conducting needs assessments, task analyses, development of training materials, and implementing program evaluations using appropriate metrics and learning standards.

We constantly evaluate the effectiveness of training and development activities and modify learning interventions to accomplish performance improvement goals.

Cultural Diversity

Our Cultural Diversity workshops and training courses have been designed to raise awareness and understanding of cultural differences in the international work environment, enhance practical cross-cultural communication and work skills and improve confidence when communicating across cultural and language barriers.


Equality and Diversity

Our Equality & Diversity courses are designed to raise awareness and understanding on diversity and equality issues in the international work environment and enhance empathy, sensitivity and desire to be fair.


Managing Diversity

Over the past decades Irish and   European business has experienced greater participation of women, minorities, migrants, the elderly and different nationalities in the workforce. Gradually a changing composition of the workforce up into the highest management levels is becoming apparent.


Building Intercultural Teams

Irish and European businesses currently employ staff from around 188 countries in the world speaking 167 languages. While often the most effective way to exchange information globally and gain competitive advantage, cross-cultural teams and structures also present risks for managers and participants in global teams.


Working Internationally

Organizations in the global economy require cultural competence to respond to the challenge of leading in a culturally diverse environment. It is more important than ever to be aware of difference and understand how to leverage it for effective performance.


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