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Equality and Diversity

Our Equality & Diversity courses are designed to raise awareness and understanding on diversity and equality issues in the international work environment and enhance empathy, sensitivity and desire to be fair.


Irish businesses, public and voluntary organisations need to understand the implications of having a multicultural workforce, identify discriminatory practices within employment and service areas and comply with Equality Legislation in Ireland and Europe.

These courses are aimed at individuals or groups that need to work successfully and promote fair practices during face-to-face or virtual contact with colleagues, clients or business contacts from diverse backgrounds.

Equality & Diversity Awareness

This training programme is FAS accredited.

Culturewise Ireland Ltd approved Training Programmes and Trainers have been placed on the FAS/EI National Register of Trainers. The registration number of Culturewise Ireland Ltd is 903349 and the registration expiry date is 10/09/2011

Living in a Diverse Society

This training course leads to FETAC level 3 Certificate.

Catering for Diversity

This training course leads to FETAC level 4 Certificate.

Please contact us for more info.

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