Our Philosophy

CultureWise e-Library & e-Bookstore is an international knowledge management resource provided by CultureWise Ireland Ltd.

In CultureWise we believe in the power of shared knowledge.

We provide resources and tools to widen cultural knowledge and promote cultural competence as a way of building an intercultural society.

Our Values

Everything we do and plan at CultureWise e-Library & e-Bookstore is based on 7 principles:

  • Embedding cultural knowledge in skills and practices of all persons/organisations that want to develop cultural competence.
  • Empowering individuals and communities to promote cultural diversity and its actual or potential contribution to intercultural society.
  • Equity in access and support and proactively addressing inequalities.
  • Working in partnership with colleagues and organisations worldwide.
  • Quality assurance of all resources and services.
  • Applying and promoting standards for sharing of knowledge.
  • Continuously improving and reviewing our services.

CultureWise e-Library & e-Bookstore is an online resource that provides high-quality knowledge support through:

  • a wide collection of books, articles, journals, reports, DVDs and CDs, movies and YouTube videos selected to cover areas related to culture and cross/ inter/transcultural issues. These resources are brought together based on an interdisciplinary approach.
  • variety of search options for the CultureWise e-Library & e-Bookstore catalogue: quick search, area search, index search and classified search.
  • an opportunity to contribute to the CultureWise e-Library & e-Bookstore collection by adding new relevant resources of your choice.
  • updates that will keep you up-to-date with news and new resources that correspond to your interests through newsfeeds and alerting services.
  • No membership as CultureWise e-Library & e-Bookstore does not require a subscription just your willingness to learn and contribute.


Data Protection Statement

Please read our Data Protection Statement

Further information from:

Dr. Alvina Grosu

CulturWise Ireland  Director,  alvina@culturewise.ie

Laura Ortu 

CultureWise e-Library & e-Bookstore Project Manager laura@culturewise.ie